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Meeting Date: 8/4/2020 - 7:00 PM
Category: Other Action Items
Type: Info/Action
Subject: (Item OAI-3) Samuel Gantner School Site Property Potential Property Shift (Mr. Kahn)
Enclosure: Lodi Westside Area - General Plan Zoning Map
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Lodi Westside Area- General Plan Zoning Map.ada.pdf
Summary: The development growth in Lodi has put pressure on our schools to house an increasing number of potential students. We also believe that the excellence of our schools has compelled many families to move to this community. It is a validation of our commitment to student learning and it has also further filled our classroom space.
As a result, District staff has been working for several weeks to explore options. Meeting with local developers and city staff, we have negotiated a creative, proactive solution that we believe is unique to increase the current Gantner site from 12 acres to 20 acres by way of a property shift. The additional acreage could accommodate a K-8 campus.
The “Property” represents 20 acres of a 30 acre parcel that fronts Sargent Road. The Property’s address is 120 W. Sargent Road, Lodi CA. The Assessor’s Parcel Number for the entire 30 acres is 027-030-080. The attached map shows the location of the 20 acres within the 30 acre parcel with “dark diagonal lines”. The Property is color coded yellow in the General Plan Map representing “Low Density Residential” zoning. The map also shows the proximity of the Property to LUSD’s current 12 acre Gantner site (shown in “blue”) that will front the future extension of Vine Street. The Property is approximately 850 feet from LUSD’s Gantner site.
The Property is immediately adjacent to the Rose Gate II residential subdivision. The first Unit of Rose Gate II is currently being developed. Later phases of Rose Gate II will extend water, sewer, storm drainage, electrical, natural gas, communication utilities, and public streets from Lodi Avenue to Vine Street. In addition, all these utilities and facilities can, or will, be extended along Vine Street to the southeast edge of the Property. Projections are that Vine Street will be improved within the next five years.
The attached map is part of the City of Lodi’s General Plan Zoning Map. Zoomed-in is what’s commonly referred to as the “Westside”. The approximately 150 acres from the WID Canal to Vine Street, including LUSD Gantner site, was the original “Westside” annexation area and became part of the City of Lodi in 2007. The Rose Gate project, consisting of the 50 acres north of Lodi Avenue has been built-out. Rose Gate II is the remaining 100 acres. As mentioned previously, development of Rose Gate II has begun.
Lodi’s City Limits represent the western edge of the Westside annexation area including Rose Gate and Rose Gate II. The color coded “zoned” properties west of that line are in the City’s “Sphere of Influence” in the General Plan. The area immediately south of Westside and Rose Gate II from Vine Street to Kettleman Lane is called Westside II. The Westside II area is outlined in red dashed lines is moving forward through the annexation process with the City of Lodi’s Planning Department.
Funding: Funding would be from Fund 25 or Developer Fee Credits to the Developer.
Recommendation: Staff is seeking direction to continue to move forward with due diligence including California Department of Education recommendations, and pursuing
negotiations with developer.
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Vickie Brum - Planning Analyst II
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Leonard Kahn - Chief Business Officer
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Cathy Washer - Superintendent